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Release Date: 05/24/13
Contacts: David Christy (916) 985-4474    
News Release No. CA-CC-13-55

BLM to Accept Returned Clear Creek Protest Letters

The Bureau of Land Management will accept returned protest letters on the Clear Creek Management Area Proposed Resource Management Plan (RMP) and Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) mailed to an incorrect address until June 14.

The mailing address for filing public protests listed on the BLM postcard and website for the PRMP/FEIS was incorrect. The correct address was shown on the Dear Reader Letter inside the PRMP/FEIS and on the official Federal Register Notice.

If you submitted a protest during the protest period using the incorrect address provided on the BLM postcard and/or website, you may resubmit your protest package with proof of the original postmarked envelope to one of the following addresses: 

Regular Mail:                                                                         
Director (210)
Attention: Brenda Hudgens-Williams 
P.O. Box 71383  
Washington, D.C. 20024-1383

Overnight Mail (non-USPS delivery service):
Director (210)
Attention: Brenda Hudgens-Williams
20 M St SE, Room 2134LM
Washington, D.C. 20003

All resubmitted protests should be postmarked no later than June 14, 2013, to be considered.

Please note that this is not an extension of the original protest period. New protests or protests without proof of original submission by the protest end date of May 6, 2013, will not be considered.

More information about the public protest period and resolution process is available at the BLM Resource Management Plan Protest Resolution informational web page

Following the public protest period, BLM must resolve protests before approving any changes to the CCMA's land use decisions.  The final Record of Decision for the PRMP/FEIS will replace the current temporary closure order for the Serpentine Area of Critical Environmental Concern.

BLM’s practice is to make protest letters, including names and home addresses of respondents, available for public review and disclosure subject to the Freedom of Information Act.   Before including your address, phone number, e-mail address, or other personal identifying information in your protest, be advised that your entire protest letter—including your personal identifying information—may be made publicly available at any time. While you may request BLM withhold from public review your personal identifying information, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. All submissions from organizations and businesses, and from individuals identifying themselves as representatives or officials of organizations and businesses, will be available for public inspection in their entirety.

Copies of the PRMP/FEIS have been sent to affected federal, state, and local government agencies and to interested parties. Copies of the PRMP/FEIS are available for public inspection at the BLM Hollister Field Office, 20 Hamilton Court, Hollister, CA 95023 Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hard copies and CDs are also available by request at this location as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been a cooperating agency in this effort because of concerns expressed by EPA and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control regarding the potential for human health risks from exposure to naturally occurring asbestos in the area. The Clear Creek Management Area RMP/EIS will fulfill the needs and obligations set forth by the National Environmental Policy Act, the Federal Land Policy and Management Act and BLM management policies.

For more information, contact Brenda Hudgens-Williams at (202) 912-7212.


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Last updated: 05-24-2013