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Release Date: 03/04/13
Contacts: David Christy (916) 941-3146    
News Release No. CA-CC-13-37

BLM Hollister Field Office Hosts Wildflower Tour

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Hollister Field Office will host a wildflower tour of Monocline Ridge/Monvero Dunes (Lat. 36.538859, Lon. -120.566479) in western Fresno County on Sunday, March 10.

Participants should meet at the Apricot Tree Restaurant parking lot, 46272 West Panoche Road, Firebaugh, at 10 a.m.  The restaurant located at Interstate 5 near Firebaugh.

The tour will then caravan approximately 11 miles south to Monocline Ridge.  About six miles of the route is on improved dirt road.  Although the road is in reasonably good shape for most of its length, participants should bring vehicles with adequate undercarriage clearance.  Passenger sedans with average clearance might scrape the undercarriage in a few places. Sport Utility Vehicles and trucks should have adequate clearance. Field trip attendees may wish to consolidate into vehicles with higher clearance.    

“Once at Moncline Ridge, one will be rewarded with excellent wildlflower displays of Phacelia tanacetifolia (tansy leafed phacelia), Amsinckia vernicosa (green fiddleneck), Monolopia lanceolata (common monolopia), and Mentzelia affinis (yellow comet),” said Ryan O’Dell, BLM botanist.

A 500-foot elevation gain over a 1/4 mile hike (strenuous) up to the top of the ridge will yield access to Monvero Dunes, a unique Ephedra sand dune system harboring several Mojave Desert disjunct species such asAbronia pogonantha (Mojave sand verbena), Oenothera deltoides ssp. deltoides (birdcage evening primrose), Rumex hymenosepalus (wild rhubarb), and Achnatherum hymenoides (Indian ricegrass), and Phacelia douglasii var. petrophila(rockloving phacelia).

Following the wildflower tour at Monocline Ridge, attendees are welcome to extend their wildflower viewing trip to Little Panoche Road between Interstate 5 and Mercey Hot Springs and the BLM Panoche Hills access road near Mercey Hot Springs where beautiful displays of Lasthenia minor (goldfields), Gilia tricolor (tricolor gilia), and Monolopia lanceolata may be viewed.

Both sides of Little Panoche Road and both sides of the BLM Panoche Hills Access Road are private land. BLM land on the top of Panoche Hills is open to the public.

Reservations are encouraged, but not required.  For questions, please contact Mike Westphal (831) 630-5028 or Ryan O'Dell (831) 630-5028


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Last updated: 03-04-2013