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Release Date: 03/08/13
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News Release No. CA-CDD-13-35

BLM Announces Amendment to Tule Wind Project Record of Decision

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today announced an amendment to the Record of Decision (ROD) issued for the Tule Wind Project on December 19, 2011.  The project is located in southeastern San Diego, California.

A decision by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors (SDCBS) to approve a new location for the collector substation to an area north of the location identified in the Final EIR/EIS requires an amendment to the ROD.  Due to the location change of the collector substation, the Gen-Tie Route 2 alternative, as currently approved and authorized by the BLM, would not connect the collector substation to the planned rebuilt Boulevard Substation; thus the need for the amendment to the ROW Grant.

Tule Wind, LLC, will construct, operate, maintain, and decommission the gen-tie component of the approved project with minor refinements, including: 1) construct the gen-tie line following the route analyzed under the Proposed Action but2) shortened by 4.14 miles and 3) shifted in an 1,100-foot segment to facilitate the gen-tie line connection to the County approved collector substation.

The amended ROD also allows construction of an overhead gen-tie line whereas the previously approved Gen-Tie Route 2 was underground.  The remaining elements of the project as approved in the 2011 ROD are not under consideration for change.

The project is expected to produce up to 186 megawatts of electricity via 62 wind turbines sited on public lands. The collector substation will connect to San Diego Gas & Electric’s Southwest Powerlink 500-kilovolt transmission line.

For further information contact R. Brian Paul, Renewable Energy Projects Manager, El Centro Field Office, (760) 337-4445.


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