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Release Date: 11/09/12
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News Release No. CDD-13-11

BLM Releases Final Environmental Review for Desert Harvest Solar Project in Riverside County

The Bureau of Land Management has released the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the proposed Desert Harvest Solar Project on public land in Riverside County, Calif.

The proposed project would include the solar farm, an on-site substation, and a 230-kV line within the transmission corridor to the Red Bluff substation.  The Red Bluff substation will connect the project to the Southern California Edison regional transmission grid.

The agency preferred alternative in the FEIS has a smaller acreage footprint than the original proposal, and reduces impacts identified in the Draft EIS issued in April 2012. The preferred alternative would reduce the size of the project from 1,208 acres of public lands to 1,044 -- with a corresponding reduction in electrical output from 150 megawatts to 135 megawatts. The smaller footprint avoids impacts to rare plant species including the Emory’s crucifixion thorn and Blue Palo Verde-Ironwood Woodland.

In addition, the agency preferred alternative minimizes ground disturbance of the gen-tie by co-locating it with the already approved gen-tie line for the Desert Sunlight solar project nearby.

The final EIS also includes a proposed amendment to the California Desert Conservation Area Plan.

Publication of the final EIS and proposed plan amendment initiates a protest period on the proposed plan amendment, a necessary step before the project can be approved. The protest period will end on December 5, 2012. Details on filing a protest can be found in the “Dear Reader” letter in the FEIS, available online here: (click on Cover).


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