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Release Date: 06/12/12
Contacts: David Briery , (951) 697-5220 or  
  Stephen Razo , (951) 697-5217  
News Release No. CDD-12-55

BLM to Gather Wild Burros from Farm Fields South of Blythe

The Bureau of Land Management’s El Centro Field Office plans to gather up to 30 burros from agricultural fields near Palo Verde, Calif., about 21 miles south of Blythe.  According to federal law, the BLM, “upon written request from the private landowner… shall remove stray wild horses and burros from private lands as soon as practicable.” The burros are also crossing Highway 78, endangering themselves and creating a traffic hazard for the public.

The two-day gather to collect burros that have wandered out of the Chocolate-Mule Mountains Herd Area onto nearby farm fields could start as early as Saturday, June 16, depending upon when a burro gather in Arizona is completed.

All gather locations will be located on or adjacent to private lands with the permission of the land owner.  The gather will utilize helicopter-assisted removal techniques and will last approximately two days.  For the protection of burros, workers will cease the helicopter operation before the temperature reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

The BLM will conduct an aerial survey of the area this week to determine the burros’ locations and numbers.  Depending upon the number of burros observed on the private land, the gather could be conducted using a helicopter or through water/bait trapping. Water or bait trapping or helicopter herding or drive trapping may be used throughout the calendar year if burros continue to frequent the private fields.

The gather is part of ongoing management to maintain a healthy population of wild burros and horses on public lands in balance with their environment.  All animals will be transported to the BLM Ridgecrest facility and made available for adoption to citizens willing and prepared to provide good care.

Public observation will be available throughout the gather. Information on viewing opportunities will be provided once a date has been set for the roundup to begin.


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