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Release Date: 01/11/12
Contacts: Stephen Razo , 951-697-5217 ,
News Release No. CA-CDD-12-21

BLM Reopens Pacific Crest Trail Damaged by the Canyon Fire

The Bureau of Land Management has reopened approximately 30 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in northeastern Kern County that had been damaged  during the September 2011 Canyon Fire in the Tehachapi area.

Ridgecrest Field Office fire crews performed emergency stabilization operations on the burned portion of the trail, removed approximately 200 hazard trees and widowmakers and also replaced numerous burned signs along the trail. 

Treatments to the trail focused on public safety according to Ridgecrest Field Office Manager, Carl Symons. “The treatments completed on the trail will provide a high level of safety for visitors along the congressionally designated national trail. The falling of hazard trees, for instance, was necessary to provide for an increased safe environment.“

The replacement of burned signs was completed in accordance with legislation and standard trail design and is necessary to guide visitors to the correct trail alignment due to numerous OHV trails that cross the trail through-out the affected area.

A map of the area showing the previously closed area can be viewed at: .

For further information, contact the Ridgecrest Field Office at 760-384-5400.


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