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Release Date: 02/02/12
Contacts: Julie Wynia, 916-941-3135    
News Release No. CA-CC-12-30

Spring Tours Planned at Pine Hill Preserve

The Bureau of Land Management's Mother Lode Field Office will hold the annual spring tours at the Pine Hill Preserve starting in April.

Led by a naturalist, each tour introduces the public to the habitats of the preserve. Although the emphasis will be on the plants, wildlife and geology will also be discussed.

The Pine Hill Preserve tours are free and open to all members of the public. The plant tours will begin at 9 a.m. and conclude no later than 1 p.m. The bird tour will begin at 7 a.m. and conclude by noon. The dates of the tours are:

  • Saturday, April 14—Kanaka Valley/Salmon Falls unit (BIRD TOUR)
  • Saturday, April 28—Cameron Park unit
  • Saturday, May 5—Pine Hill unit
  • Saturday, May 19—Pine Hill unit
  • Saturday, June 2—Kanaka Valley/Salmon Falls unit

Tours are limited to 25 participants per tour. Participants will be notified of the designated meeting location one week before the scheduled tour.

The Pine Hill Preserve is home to some very unique natural and biological resources including eight rare plant species growing on gabbro soil. The guided tours offered each spring provide a fantastic way for the public to see and experience this interesting piece of natural heritage in western El Dorado County amidst the beauty of the blooming season. Furthermore, participants will learn firsthand about the habitats within the Preserve, particularly both the common and rare plant species growing within these habitats.

Check the website  for updates and additional information. To ask questions or to sign up for a tour, contact Julie Wynia, Pine Hill Preserve intern, at (916) 941-3135 ( ).

Established in 2001 and managed by the BLM's Mother Lode Field Office, the Pine Hill Preserve exists to conserve and protect eight rare plant species and their habitat. Five of these species are federally listed under the Endangered Species Act, and four of them are endemic to western El Dorado County, meaning that they grow here and nowhere else in the world.

The Pine Hill Preserve consists of more than 4,700 acres divided into five primary units—Salmon Falls, Martel Creek, Pine Hill, Penny Lane, and Cameron Park. In February 2010, the BLM acquired Kanaka Valley, 695-acres of land connecting the Salmon Falls and Martel Creek units that serves as an invaluable ecological corridor.


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