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Release Date: 02/02/12
Contacts: David Christy , 916-941-3146  
News Release No. CA-CC-12-32

Conservation Project at Chalfant Nears Completion

A conservation project in the west Chalfant area on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management’s Bishop Field Office is nearing completion.

The project involves converting BLM motorized routes to hiking, mountain biking and equestrian use and constructing a new route to maintain recreational access.

The project was initiated because development of the private property in west Chalfant obstructed vehicle traffic on a traditional north/south route. The new route around the private property will reduce route density in the vicinity and create non-motorized access to avoid user conflicts, said Richard Williams, BLM recreation planner.

The project follows two years of discussion by BLM and Chalfant area residents. In January 2009, members of the Chalfant Public Land Stewardship and other residents met with BLM to discuss options for motorized and non-motorized recreation in the area.

D. “Hap” Hazard, Mono County supervisor, said more areas around the state are being closed to off-highway vehicle use, which will increase pressure on areas like Chalfant. Some OHV riders from Southern California are used to riding in open areas rather than on a trail system. An organized trail system with information on user etiquette should reduce problems, he said.
In March 2009, the BLM Central California Resource Advisory Council met in Lone Pine and expressed its support for the BLM to build on the grass roots effort of local leaders to develop a community-based stewardship strategy to maintain the character of the Chalfant Valley. 

The conservation project was completed with assistance from the Chalfant Public Land Stewards. Any questions or concerns should be addressed to Williams at (760) 872-5033.


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