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Release Date: 04/11/12
Contacts: David Christy , (916) 941-3146  
News Release No. CC-12-47

Kanaka Valley Proposed Plan Released for Public Comment

The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Mother Lode Field Office has released a proposed management plan for the 695-acre “Kanaka Valley” property near Rescue.

The proposed plan covers management issues from fire to recreation and would allow limited hunting on part of the property.  A comment period for the plan runs through May 16.  Written letters may be mailed or hand delivered to Bureau of Land Management, Mother Lode Field Office, Attn: Kanaka Valley Planning, 5152 Hillsdale Circle, El Dorado Hills, CA or submitted electronically at

A public meeting to discuss the proposed plan will be held April 26 at the Cameron Park Community Services District Community Center, 2502 Country Club Drive, Cameron Park.  A field tour is being scheduled.  Contact Lauren Fety, BLM biological science technician, at (916) 941-3133 for more information and to RSVP.

“The BLM considers the proposed management plan to be the best approach to fulfill BLM policy requirements, honor the intent of the acquisition, conserve rare plant species and other sensitive resources, and balance community input from planning meetings,” said Bill Haigh, Mother Lode Field Office Manager.

Hunting would be restricted to deer and turkey during the fall season, deer during the summer archery-only season, and quail and mourning doves in season.  Species of game available for falconry hunting would be consistent with California Department of Fish and Game regulations.  Hunting would be allowed on all days of the appropriate CDFG hunting season.  The BLM would work to establish a limited hunting program in collaboration with interested partners for spring turkey season.

Methods of take would be limited to archery, falconry, shotgun (muzzle loader allowed after fire season is declared over) and air gun.

For safety, Kanaka Valley would be divided into two zones.  The “No Hunting” zone would include the public land between the north-flowing creek and the property edge to the east.  The “Hunting” zone would include land west of the creek. 

Other provisions of the proposed management plan include:

  • BLM would implement best management practices to protect habitat, cultural resources, sensitive and rare plant resources, and provide interpretive information where appropriate. 
  • The planning area’s scenic values would be classified as BLM Visual Resource Management Class II. 
  • The BLM would construct a small parking lot and trail head.
  • Campfires and overnight camping would not be allowed.
  • Trails would be constructed to provide safe, multiple-use trails for non-motorized recreation planned to avoid sensitive resources and private property. Hiking, mountain biking and equestrian use would be allowed.
  • Designate Kanaka Valley as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) to protect blue oak woodland, valley oak woodland, northern chaparral and rare plants (Layne’s butterweed, Pine Hill ceanothus, El Dorado mule-ears, Red Hills soap root and Bisbee Peak rush-rose).
  • Motorized vehicle access via Kanaka Valley Road to parking lots and trailheads would continue but motorized recreation would not be allowed within the ACEC.
  • For recreational gold seeking, only hands and pans would be allowed.
  • Target shooting, plinking, and similar activities would not be allowed.

In February 2010, BLM added nearly 700 acres of habitat for rare plants and other wildland species in western El Dorado County near the town of Rescue in a cooperative effort by the BLM, Bureau of Reclamation and the American River Conservancy. 

For more information contact Lauren Fety at (916) 941-3133 or at Kanaka Valley Planning


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