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Release Date: 10/25/11
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News Release No. CDD-12-7

BLM Clarifies Tule Wind Project Public Process

The Bureau of Land Management is clarifying today that a protest period is not open for the Tule Wind Project. An error in the environmental document for the project incorrectly stated that a protest period would be open before a Record of Decision is announced.

On October 14, 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency published in the Federal Register Notice: Final EIS, BLM, CA, East County Substation/Tule Wind/Energia Sierra Juarez Gen-Tie Projects, Construction and Operation, Right-of-Way Grants, San Diego County, CA.

Within the Final EIR/EIS document on page 1-10, Paragraph 1.3.3 (After Final EIR/EIS Completion); the statement: “For NEPA, following a 30-day Protest Period and concurrent 30-day Governor’s Review…..” is in error.

The Tule Wind Project does not amend the Eastern San Diego County Resource Management Plan, and the Plan has already designated the area as suitable for wind development.  Therefore, a 30-day protest period and concurrent 30-day Governor’s Consistency Review upon release of the Final EIR/EIS is not appropriate.  The BLM has not opened a public protest period and is not accepting protests since no plan amendment is proposed.  The BLM anticipates a Record of Decision in the coming months.

Written public comments as well as public input provided during two public meetings held on January 26, 2011, in Jacumba, and on February 2, 2011, in Boulevard as well as BLM internal review comments have been considered and incorporated as appropriate into the Final EIR/EIS. The BLM is not accepting public comment since the public review period for this proposed wind project has closed. 

For further information contact, Greg Thomsen, Project Manager, 951-697-5237; email:


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Last updated: 10-26-2011