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Release Date: 03/28/11
Contacts: David Christy , (916) 941-3146  
News Release No. CC-11-41

BLM Initiates Environmental Review of Proposed Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today published a Notice of Intent to conduct an environmental review on a proposal to develop additional geothermal resources near Mammoth Lakes in Mono County, California.

The proposed Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project would be built on Inyo National Forest lands and private lands within existing federal geothermal leases CACA-11667, CACA-11672, and CA-14408.  The proposed project would include the construction of a new 33-megawatt geothermal power plant, up to 16 new production/injection wells, multiple pipelines and an electric transmission line.

The BLM will hold a 30-day public scoping period from March 25, 2011 to April 25, 2011.  During the scoping period, the BLM will solicit public comment on issues, concerns, potential impacts, alternatives, and mitigation measures that should be considered in analyzing the proposed action.  The BLM also plans to hold a public scoping meeting in late April.  The date, time and location of this public scoping meeting will be announced at least 15 days in advance through local media, newspapers and the BLM website at:

Issues identified thus far include hydrology and water quality, groundwater resources, archaeological resources, Native American concerns, recreation, visual resources, biological resources, air quality and climate change.  The environmental review will also address issues such as noise, transportation, geology, public services and utilities, and socioeconomics, as well as other substantive issues that may be raised during the scoping process.

Public comments received during scoping will be used in developing a draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act and the California Environmental Quality Act.  Written comments should be submitted to the BLM's Bishop Field Office, Attn: Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project, 351 Pacu Lane, Suite 100, Bishop, CA 93514.

For more information contact BLM Bishop Field Office Manager Bernadette Lovato at (762) 872-5000 or e-mail


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