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Release Date: 03/22/11
Contacts: David Christy , (916) 941-3146 (BLM)  
  Rick Hanks , (831) 372-6105 (BLM)  
  Lori Mannel , (831) 648-5718 (Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History)  
News Release No. CC-11-38

BLM, Pacific Grove Museum Enter Coastal Monument Partnership

The U. S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History have signed a partnership agreement to assist with the mutually beneficial preservation and stewardship of the California Coastal National Monument (CCNM) and the coast resource values of the Monterey Peninsula.

Key elements of the partnership include building public awareness of California’s coastal and ocean resources, as well as promoting the responsible public use of these resources. 

Through a memorandum of understanding, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History and the BLM have agreed to coordinate in long-term protection and public education efforts regarding the rocks and islands of the CCNM.   As a collaborating partner, the museum will participate in developing a CCNM community gateway where the public can learn more about the CCNM, a unique component of the BLM’s National Landscape Conservation System, and about the natural and cultural resource values of the Monterery Peninsula.

Lori Mannel, the executive director of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History states, “The Museum is a living field guide of the California Central Coast. Working with the Bureau of Land Management furthers this vision by educating the public on what is special and unique along our coastline and how to support this natural resource for future generations.” 

Rick Hanks, the BLM’s California Coastal National Monument manager, said, “The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History gives us a great partner and a great venue to work with the community on outreach and environmental education activities.”

The California Coastal National Monument ( consists of more than 20,000 offshore rocks, small islands and exposed reefs along the 1,100 miles of the California coast, from above the mean high tide line out 12 nautical miles.  It was established by presidential proclamation in January 2000.  The monument provides important habitat for plants, seabirds and marine mammals.  The rocks and islands are important in the heritage for many native people and have historic significance in many areas. 

The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History ( was established in 1879 and works to preserve and make available to the community treasures from the region’s past.


Last updated: 03-22-2011