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Release Date: 06/01/11
Contacts: David Christy , (916) 941-3146  
News Release No. CC-11-59

BLM Steps Up Enforcement at Clear Creek Management Area Due to Increased Trespass Activity

The Bureau of Land Management has increased law enforcement patrols at Clear Creek Management Area (CCMA) due to increasing resource damage caused by unauthorized motorcycle use.

Trespass motorcycle use is taking a toll on the San Benito Research Natural Area (RNA). During the last nine months the RNA has experienced considerable resource and property damage.  “Protective fences for the RNA have been cut and trespass trails have been built on the public land,” said Rick Cooper, BLM Hollister Field Office manager.

Motorcyclists have cut a three-mile trespass trail across public lands in the CCMA to access the area currently closed to public use. BLM law enforcement rangers patrol the area and will cite individuals riding or driving in the closed areas. In some cases, trespass riders have run when discovered and confronted by BLM employees and law enforcement rangers.

Trespasser riders face possible penalties of a fine of up to $1,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 12 months, in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations. In addition, anyone attempting to evade or elude a federal law enforcement ranger will be aggressively prosecuted and face arrest, fines and imprisonment, the impounding of the motor vehicle, and restriction/suspension of driving privileges.

“The misuse of public lands by motorcyclists is unfortunate,” said Cooper. “We would appreciate cooperation from the public in helping meet our objectives for resource protection.”

CCMA is currently closed to public access pending completion of a Resource Management Plan. The area closure was issued in 2008 following release of a report by the Environmental Protection Agency that states that public visitor use in CCMA for more than one day per year could increase visitor’s excess lifetime cancer risk due to asbestos exposure, adding that “children may be at greater risk…because of their life expectancy.”

For more information, contact Chief Law Enforcement Ranger Brian Martin at (831) 630-5000.


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Last updated: 06-01-2011