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Release Date: 09/30/10
Contacts: David Briery , (951) 697-5220  
News Release No. CDD-10-106

BLM to Gather Stranded Burros in Remote Portion of Mojave Desert

An estimated 20 wild burros in a remote area of San Bernardino County will be gathered within the next week by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The burros were the focus last month of an unusual rescue mission coordinated by the BLM when many of their herd apparently died of dehydration in a mine adit at Fenner Spring in the Piute Mountain Wilderness Area, some 40 miles from the nearest herd management area.

When a rancher discovered and reported the condition of the burros, BLM immediately mobilized a helicopter, county water tender, folding water tanks, and other equipment needed to ensure the survival of the remaining burros.  A contract fire helicopter reached the scene that afternoon and began moving water from large portable troughs by the highway to a smaller water "pumpkin" near Fenner Spring.  Since then, the BLM has made sure that the animals had a reliable supply of water until they could be removed.

BLM gathers wild horses and burros under provisions of the 1971 Wild, Free-roaming Horse and Burro Act.  The law requires BLM to protect, manage, and control wild horse and burro populations and to remove animals under specified conditions, including for public safety, for animals not living within established herd management areas, or for those straying onto lands not covered under the Act, such as national parks and military reservations.

Information on the Decision Record for the Removal of Wild Free-Roaming Burros from the Piute Mountains Herd Area is available from the Needles Field Office, 1303 S Hwy 95, Needles CA 92363, phone: (760) 326-7000.

Public and media observation of the gather is available with prior arrangement. Due to the remoteness and rugged terrain of the gather area and uncertainty of gather schedule, those interested in observing the gather must call David Briery, BLM California Desert District External Affairs, in advance at (951) 697-5220, and be prepared to adhere to strict safety precautions once at the gather.


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