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Release Date: 06/17/10
Contacts: David Christy , 916-941-3146  
  Marcia deChaden├Ędes , 831-372-6115  
News Release No. CA-CC-10-79

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History Hosts Coastal Monument, National Landscape Conservation System, 10th Birthday Party

As part of their Science Saturday program, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History will host  10th anniversary celebrations for the Bureau of Land Management’s California Coastal National Monument and Natural Landscape Conservation System  on June 26.

This month’s program, with the theme Habitats and Biomes, Past and Present, will feature the opening of the BLM exhibit A Spectacular Interplay of Land and Sea, trolley tours, scientists engaging the public and lots of youth activities.

Events will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Museum, with Congressman Sam Farr (D-Carmel) cutting the anniversary cake at 3 p.m.

The program will include:

Trolley tours: Between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., California Coastal National Monument Manager Rick Hanks will conduct three 45-minute trolley tours along the coast to Point Piños. For reservations, contact the museum at (831) 648-5716.

Youth Activities: Activities will include a scavenger hunt, crafting mini monument seascape models from clay, building pop-up habitat displays, viewing pollen and fern spores through microscopes and examining fossils of ferns, horsetails and redwoods.

Paleontology: At 2 p.m., BLM scientists Erik Zaborsky and Ryan O’Dell from the Hollister Field Office will make a presentation on the newly displayed fossils of a mosasaur (large sea-dwelling reptile), conifer needles, wood, giant oyster shells, and other sea shells from the Panoche-Coalinga Area of Critical Environmental Concern managed by the BLM’s Hollister Field Office. “This is the richest assemblage of marine vertebrate fossils west of the Rocky Mountains in North America, and the only good fossil record of organisms in what would have been the eastern Pacific Ocean at that time.” said David Whistler, curator emeritus of the Natural History Museum - Los Angeles County. This exhibit ties the coastal environment to an earlier time 30 to 65 million years ago when the coast was further inland within the Central Valley.

Exhibits: Two dozen spectacular images of the coastal monument by BLM photographer Bob Wick also will open at the Science Saturday and will be on display through September 26.

Botany: BLM botanist Bruce Delgado will talk about native plants of the California Coast in the museum’s native plants garden.

“The California Coastal National Monument is a biological treasure. The monument provides important habitat for thousands of seals and sea lions, hundreds of thousands of seabirds, and millions of upper rocky intertidal species,” said Rick Hanks, monument manager. “We invite everyone to come out to celebrate this truly special place.”

The California Coastal National Monument consists of more than 20,000 rocks, small islands, exposed reefs and pinnacles from above mean high tide out 12 nautical miles along the 1,100 miles of the California coast from San Diego to the Oregon border.  It is part of the BLM National Landscape Conservation System conserves and protects treasured landscapes including national monuments, wilderness, wild and scenic rivers and other special areas across the West.

For more information, contact Marcia deChadenèdes of the BLM at (831) 372-6115 or Annie Holdren of the museum of natural history at (831) 648-5716 ext. 17.


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