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Release Date: 07/26/10
Contacts: David Christy , 916-941-3146  
  Gary Sharpe , 707-468-4000  
News Release No. CA-CC-10-89

Archaeological Site Stewardship Workshop Planned in Point Arena

The California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program, in conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management, will host a two-day workshop this September in Point Arena for volunteers. The final date will be set following discussion with interested volunteers.

The Bureau of Land Management’s Ukiah Field Office is working with the program to recruit and train volunteers for archaeological sites along the California Coast in Mendocino County.

The California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program is a non-profit organization in association with the Society for California Archaeology. The program will cover the importance of archaeological sites, local history, methodologies for monitoring sites and steward safety.  The workshop will include an in-the-field component.  To ensure that volunteers are interested in making a commitment, there is a nominal $25 fee.

“We're having problems with illegal looting of archaeological resources located on coastal BLM public lands. We’re recruiting volunteers to help monitor known sites and prevent such activities,” said Chris Lloyd, Ukiah Field Office archaeologist. “There are significant cultural resources that are being removed from sites. The volunteer stewardship program will be a way to monitor these sites and educate the public about the need to preserve our cultural history.”

Federal laws such as the Archaeological Resources Protection Act can result in $20,000 fines and imprisonment for illegal looting. Similar stewardship programs are operating in other areas managed by BLM such as Carrizo Plain National Monument, El Centro and Ridgecrest. 

For more information, contact Lloyd at (707) 468-4075,


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