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Release Date: 08/13/10
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News Release No. CDD-10-93

BLM Releases Final Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed Solar Project in Lucerne Valley

The Bureau of Land Management today released a final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Chevron Energy Solution’s proposed Lucerne Valley Solar Project in San Bernardino County.

Chevron Energy Solutions applied to the Bureau of Land Management for a right-of-way on public lands to construct a solar photovoltaic power plant facility on 516 acres in San Bernardino County eight miles east of Lucerne Valley.  If authorized, the project would be among the first commercial solar power projects approved for construction on public lands in the United States.

The proposed 45-megawatts project would provide enough electricity for about 150 homes.  As proposed, it would be constructed in two phases.  Phase I of the project would consist of up to 180,000 photovoltaic panels with a generating capacity of 20 MW.  Phase II would consist of the same configuration as phase I for a total generating capacity of 45 MW.

The agency preferred alternative is a modified design of the proposed project that establishes a 50-foot wide natural vegetation strip between the roadway and the project fence area on the one roadway that has residential occupancy across the street from the project area.  The FEIS analysis indicates that this alternative will reduce visual impacts, provide some benefits to sensitive species and allow some historical artifacts to remain on-site.

A Notice of Availability was published by the Environmental Protection Agency in the August 13, 2010 Federal Register.  This notice initiates a 30-day protest period for the proposed amendment to the California Desert Conservation Area Plan, a necessary step before the project could be approved.  Details on filing a protest can be found in the Federal Register Notice or in the Final EIS, available online at

In addition, public comments on the Final EIS will be accepted for 30 days.  Submit comments to Greg Thomsen by mail 22835 Calle San Juan de Los Lagos, Moreno Valley, California 92553; or e-mail

Further details can be found at the BLM web page:  For more information contact Greg Thomsen at 951-697-5237, or e-mail


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