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For Release:  January 22, 2008
Contact: Doran Sanchez at (775) 722-9796
Nevada State Office NO. 08-06

BLM in Winnemucca Implements Impound to End Cattle Trespass

Federal Magistrate Robert A. McQuaid ordered Inger Casey and Larry Hiibel to remove their unauthorized livestock from public lands southwest of Winnemucca last fall or the cattle would be impounded by the Bureau of Land Management. The cattle were not removed and the impoundment began yesterday.

The Court issued its rulings on Hiibel August 16, 2007, and gave him five days to remove his livestock from public lands.  He ruled on Inger Casey September 27, 2007, and gave her 15 days to remove their livestock.  The BLM gave Hiibel almost five additional months and Casey almost four months to comply with the Court orders. 

“BLM does not impound livestock without first giving the owners many opportunities to remove their animals,” said Gail Givens, BLM Winnemucca field manager.  “In this instance, efforts to effect voluntary removal have gone on for many years.”

During the past four to five years the BLM issued numerous warnings and trespass notices to Casey and Hiibel.  After all efforts failed, BLM issued criminal citations to Casey in August 2006 and Hiibel in April 2007.

The impoundment will continue as long as necessary to remove the cattle.  Impounded animals will be transported to holding facilities where their owners will have the first right to claim them upon payment of past fines and impoundment fees.  If the cattle are not claimed and the fees paid within seven days, the livestock will be auctioned to recoup the fees. 

 “The vast majority of our ranchers strive to be good stewards of the public rangelands,” added Givens.  “Casey and Hiibel are cheating those operators who follow the rules and pay their fees.” 

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