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For Release:  September 6, 2007                
Contact:  David Christy, (916) 985-4474

BLM Seeks Public Input for Clear Creek Management Area Resource Management Plan

The Bureau of Land Management Hollister Field Office is requesting public comments for the preparation of the Clear Creek Management Area Resource Management Plan. Public meetings will be held in Central California in late September and early October.

The CCMA encompasses approximately 63,000 acres of public lands in southern San Benito and western Fresno counties that is currently administered under the 1984 Hollister Resource Management Plan.

“Since the 1984 Hollister RMP was developed, many social, political, and environmental changes have occurred that affect resource conditions and influence public land uses. These changes, coupled with significant population growth not anticipated in the in the original plan, have presented some complex management issues, which will benefit from an updated land use plan,” said Rick Cooper, Hollister Field Office manager.

Over the next two years, BLM will be preparing a Draft RMP and associated environmental impact statement to guide the future management of public lands within the CCMA. The public is encouraged to help identify issues, questions and concerns to be incorporated into the Draft RMP/EIS during the public scoping period that began with the publication of a "Notice of Intent" in the Federal Register today. 

All public meetings will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. The date and location of each meeting are listed below:

September 27 -Veterans Memorial Hall
649 San Benito St.
October 4 -Harris Ranch Garden Ballroom
24505 W. Dorris Ave.
October 11 -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library Room 225
150 E. San Fernando St.
San Jose

The BLM will work closely with interested parties to develop management actions that are best suited to the management of the resources and the needs of the public. Planning criteria will be developed during public scoping to help guide the planning effort. This collaborative process will take into account local, regional, and national concerns. Early participation by all interested parties is encouraged and will help guide the planning process and determine the future management of public lands.

Written comments should be submitted within 30 calendar days of the last scheduled public scoping meeting.  Written comments should be sent to "CCMA RMP" BLM, Hollister Field Office, 20 Hamilton Court, Hollister, Calif., 95023. Fax: 831-630-5055, or e-mail, caho_rmp@ca.blm.gov.

For further information contact Sky Murphy, planning and environmental coordinator, (831) 630-5039, or e-mail, Sky_Murphy@ca.blm.gov.


Hollister Field Office - 20 Hamilton Court - Hollister, CA 95023

Last updated: 09-07-2007