News Release

For Release:  March 9, 2007
Contact: Anabele Cornejo, Cleveland National Forest, 858-674-2985 or Steve Razo, Bureau of Land Management, 951-697-5217

Final Decision on Shooting Area Safety Closure

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Palm Springs-South Coast Field Office and the U.S.D.A Forest Service, Cleveland National Forest, Palomar Ranger District are jointly releasing decisions to permanently close the High Point area to target shooting. 

A permanent closure to target shooting will be imposed by both agencies to protect the public from unsafe target shooting practices.  Increased recreational shooting in the area imposed an immediate threat to the lives and property of nearby residents and other public land users along High Point Road (8S05) and State Route 79.  Shooting rounds discharged in this area were traveling up to two miles in distance striking private property along State Route 79.

A legal notice authorizing the decisions will be published on March 9, 2007 in the San Diego Union Tribune. The legal notice initiates a 45 day appeal period for the Cleveland National Forest and a 30 day appeal period for the Bureau of Land Management.  Information regarding the filing of an appeal may be obtained at the websites listed below.

Supporting documentation and information can be found at the BLM Palm Springs-South Coast website at and the Cleveland National Forest website at .  For further information contact: Pete Gomben, Cleveland National Forest (858) 674-2959 or Janaye Byergo, BLM, (858) 451-1767.