For Release: July 5, 2007
Contact: Leslie Cone 303-236-0815

 BLM Adds Energy Map Viewer to Popular NILS GeoCommunicator Web Site 

In response to the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the Bureau of Land Management recently added numerous enhancements to its popular National Integrated Land Systems (NILS) GeoCommunicator web site ( This public web-based application is an interactive map viewer that permits users to search and display land and mineral use authorization and conveyance records, including oil and gas, geothermal, solid mineral and coal leases, mining claims, stipulations, and more, as well as download and map Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data. 
Among the new enhancements is the new Energy Map Viewer, which allows users to see most of the energy related authorizations the BLM issues, all in one map viewer: ( Some of the authorizations that are available include oil and gas leases/ agreements/ densities, lease sale parcels, oil shale leases, coal authorizations, geothermal, wind energy, and solar energy. A new Land Status Map Viewer has also been added, which provides land and mineral ownership and use information. This viewer contains information such as U.S. Forest Service boundaries and regulated uses, Federal land title, subsurface mineral estate for Wyoming and New Mexico, and surface management agency boundaries. Other enhancements to the web site include: Master Title Plats displayed for Utah and California, and rights-of-way displayed by type such as power, railroad, roads, communication sites, pipelines, telephone, and more.  
Acting BLM Director Jim Hughes welcomed the new Energy Map Viewer and enhancements.     “We are very pleased with the success of the NILS GeoCommunicator web site and the fact that this public web site helps the BLM provide important land and mineral use records information to our customers. These enhancements will continue to ensure the best user experience possible by making the web site easier to use and by providing the latest and most current information.”
For more information on the National Integrated Land Systems’ GeoCommunicator, please contact: Leslie Cone, BLM Land & Resources Project, (WO-330D), P.O. Box 25047, Denver, CO 80225, (303) 236-0815, email: