News Release

For Release:  August 7, 2007     
Contact: Jeff Iler at (760) 873-2507 

Single Tree Smoldering Atop Inyo Mountains under Watchful Eyes

A single tree fire, ignited by lightening last week is smoldering in a remote area of the Inyo Mountain Wilderness northeast of Lone Pine. 

BLM Bishop and Inyo National Forest interagency fire staff discovered and sized up the fire from the air today.  Firefighters found a single, pine tree smoldering southwest of Keynot Peak in the middle of a steep, rock talus slope at approximately 10,500 feet. 

Given the isolated location and very low potential for the fire to spread, fire officials will continue to monitor the area until the fire burns itself out.  In the unlikely event that the fire begins to spread, fire crews will be dispatched to extinguish it.  Smoke from the smoldering tree may be visible at times from the southern Owens Valley.

For further information, please call Jeff Iler at (760) 873-2507 or Debra Hein at (760) 872-5057.