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Girl Scouts Seek High Adventure in Imperial Valley

The event starts with a gathering of scouts.  Here, a young scout raises her right hand as she prepares to recite the Girl Scout Pledge.  Photo: BLM/J. Szalwinski
The event starts with a gathering of scouts. Here, a young scout raises her right hand as she prepares to recite the Girl Scout Pledge. Photo: BLM/J. Szalwinski

Girl Scouts from around the Imperial Valley participated in their annual High Adventure Camp, located at Sunbeam Lake in Seely, Calif. The girls, ranging in age from 6 to 15, made their way through a variety of activities that included kayaking, outdoor skills, and GPS Hide and Seek taught by a park ranger from the BLM El Centro Field Office.
The girls first learned the fundamentals of the Global Positioning System (GPS), some basic instruction on how to use a GPS receiver, and then handed GPS units to either hide a treasure, or find one. Working in teams of two or three, the “hiders” hid a treasure, marked and named a waypoint, and returned to have their fellow scouts try to find it. “Seekers” used their GPS units to find and return the lost treasure. This use of technology as a tool to explore America’s Great Outdoors was quickly picked up by some of the girls, and the game was on. 
This event helps fulfill BLM California’s Strategic Framework by using technology to connect girls to the environment --educating, engaging, and encouraging the Scouting community to recreate on and explore public lands through the technology available to them.

-- Joya Szalwinski, Interpretive Park Ranger, BLM El Centro Field Office (May 2013)

BLM California
News.bytes, issue 579
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