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Redding Geocachers Continue Earth Day Partnership with BLM

The Redding Geocachers Club continued an annual partnership with the BLM Redding Field Office on Saturday, April 21, cleaning up tons of trash from a litter-strewn parcel of public land in observance of Earth Day.

The club members held their annual "Cache In, Trash Out" (CITO)  event with more than 15 participants working on a parcel along Bear Creek east of Redding.  The BLM provided tools and equipment while the club members provided muscle and determination.

About twenty people, many of whom are wearing safety vests, stand near or on construction vehicles for a group shot
The work party poses for a group shot. The club even made a poster for the event (inset).

Nearly seven tons of trash were hauled out of the area. The crew picked up 54 tires, piles of household garbage, a few couches, and the battleship Missouri (a model replica). A barbecue was held after the event complete with door prizes.

Three people gather tires to place on the back of a truck
Club members attack a pile of tires and wheels in on the BLM Bear Creek parcel.

Illegal trash dumping has been occurring for many years on the Bear Creek parcel, and it attracted the attention of the Geocachers. Florence Crow, who organizes the event each year for the Geocachers loves to do this kind of work. "We see so much trash out there when we are geocaching. This is a chance for us to make a difference," she said. Flo plans to lead the club on a cleanup event on another parcel next year. The club began its Earth Day partnership with the Redding BLM office two years ago.

The BLM Redding Field Office hopes to establish a trailhead on this parcel and a trail to Bear Creek to provide public access for fishing and hiking.

Members of the Redding Club participate in geocaching, a high-tech treasure hunt in which participants use GPS devices to locate hidden "treasure" caches.

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