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Round Valley School Earth Day project

The Bureau of Land Management's Bishop Field Office partnered with the Friends of the Inyo and Round Valley School to host a volunteer project in the Happy Boulders in honor of Earth Day. On Friday, April 27, approximately 75 middle school students, teachers, parents, volunteers and BLM staff did trail work and pulled invasive plants near the world-renowned climbing area. Students also had the opportunity to learn about recreation and cultural and natural resources on the Volcanic Tableland.

This was the fourth year the BLM hosted the annual Earth Day Stewardship event, organized by Friends of the Inyo and Round Valley School. The BLM Bishop Field Office staff appreciated everyone's hard work and enthusiasm, and looks forward to working with the school and Friends of the Inyo on future stewardship projects.

youngsters wearing leather gloves clean up a trailside

About fifty people stand outside and listen to an organizer

A line of students work in the dirt

Volunteers spread out over the trail to clear the path

a girl puts weeds into a black trash bag

Two volunteers work together to arrange stones and pull invasive weeds

- Kirstin Heins, Outdoor Recreation Planner, BLM Bishop Field Office (May 7, 2012)

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