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New Residents Move in to Litchfield Corrals

A temporarily displaced group of llamas has taken up residence alongside wild mustangs and burros at the BLM’s Litchfield Corrals near Susanville.  Wranglers at the facility have set aside pen space just for the llamas.

Llamas look at the camera from inside a corral 
baby llamas with with fur look at the camera

The group of llamas includes animals of all ages.

The animals were brought to the corrals for care and feeding after staff in the BLM Surprise Field Office near Cedarville brought them in off the range where they had apparently been released.

BLM rangeland management specialists said the animals were grazing an area used by the Carter Reservoir herd of wild horses and by permitted domestic livestock.  The BLM will hold the animals for 90 days to provide an opportunity for the owner to claim them.  If they are not claimed, the BLM will consider various options including selling the animals or placing them with an organization that specializes in caring for llamas.

- Jeff Fontana, Public Affairs Officer, BLM Northern California District (November 29, 2012)

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