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Public Tours Wild Horse and Burro pastures in Kansas

Followers of the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program had the opportunity on June 9 to visit two long term pastures in Kansas where the BLM places excess wild horses for which no adoption demand exists.  About 200 people attended.

The second annual pasture tour, this one to the Triple 7 Ranch near Eldorado, was organized by the BLM’s national Wild Horse and Burro Program office and provided access to the private land pastures where the horses are living out their lives.  The pastures holds 4,400 horses roaming on more than 32,000 acres dedicated exclusively to them.

a large group of horses gallops across a green prairie
Healthy horses gallop across a grass prairie in the rolling Flint Hills of Kansas.
horses gallop across a wide expanse of green grass

The BLM has contracts for 23 long term pastures on private land in South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma where more than 31,400 horses live in non-reproducing herds.  The pastures range in size from about 1,000 acres to more than 32,000 acres.  Average pasture size is about 20,000 acres.  The BLM removed the animals from western ranges to maintain wild populations at sustainable levels, as required by the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act.

people watch a group of horse gallop buy
Tour participants get a close look at a group of horses.

horses look toward a parked bus
Led by a BLM ranger, one of five tour buses travels the road near a small group of horses.  The driver enjoys a panoramic view (inset).

Horses and burros removed from the range in population control measures are offered for adoption across the nation.  In California, the BLM offers horses for adoption year-round at corrals near Susanville and Ridgecrest and at satellite adoption events held across the state.

The BLM estimates that about 38,500 wild horses and burros (about 33,000 horses and 5,500 burros) are roaming on BLM-managed rangelands in the west

Information on adopting a horse or burro, adoption schedules and volunteer opportunities can be found online here.

- Jeff Fontana , Public Affairs Officer, BLM Northern California District (June 12, 2012)

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