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Car and Truck Race draws thousands to Plaster City

Under a bluebird sky, High Desert Racing's Imperial 250 took place at BLM's Plaster City OHV Open Area on Sunday, April 8, 2012. Almost 4,000 spectators showed up to watch 112 vehicles start the race. Those who stayed through the long race day saw only 51 vehicles finish it. Depending on their class, racers were required to run 4-5 laps around a 42 mile course length. Over half the vehicles dropped out as breakdowns dogged them or they were unable to finish the required laps.

BLM's El Centro staff monitored the event to ensure spectator safety, as well as compliance with the permit. A temporary closure of the area helped ensure public safety and prevent unnecessary environmental degradation during the official permitted race. (A Special Recreation Use Permit was issued by the El Centro Field Office.)

For more information on the Plaster City OHV Open Area, visit or call 760-337-4400.

An OHV with its back wheels momentarily off the ground
A race vehicle makes its way around the course. Race vehicles leave the start line in pairs at 20 second intervals.  Photo credit: BLM/ M. Goodro

A wrecked OHV flanked by two repair trucks with orange flags
A breakdown forces this driver to be towed back to camp.  Photo: BLM/M. Goodro

People look at the parked winning vehicles
Top finishers enjoy a few moments in the winner's circle.  Photo: BLM/M.Goodro

- Joya Szalwinski, interpretive park ranger, Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area/BLM El Centro Field Office (April 18, 2012)

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