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1st Annual Alabama Hills Day a Success

BLM staff at a BLM booth in the Film Museum  People look at a map of Alabama Hills trails

More than 200 people attended the 1st annual Alabama Hills Day at the Lone Pine Museum of Film History last weekend. Dozens of attendees attended each of the presentations in the theater, as well as field trips into the Alabama Hills. Many of those attending came from outside of the area.

"The purpose of this new annual event is to celebrate this incredibly scenic landscape and educate the public about the wide variety of groups that use and enjoy with the Alabamas," said Chris Langley, stewardship group chair. The Alabama Hills includes almost 30,000 acres west of Lone Pine managed by the Bureau of Land Management's Bishop Field Office.

The 2nd annual Alabama Hills Day has been scheduled for Saturday, April 13, 2013 - mark your calendars!

A downwards shot of BLM staff sitting at the BLM booth  A woman holds a sign with a silhouette of two horses with riders reading "Horseback Riding."

Two people stand by a display on "Working to Preserve Our Vital Lands." A BLM staff member talks to a Museum visitor   

A framed poster of the Alabama Hills with mountains. The top reads "Alabama Hills Day," the photographer is David Muench.  A man plays a banjo on an inside balcony. Several other bajos are lined up in front of him.

A horse-drawn wagon with an Alabama Hills Day banner on the side A visitor at the Film Museum stands at a display case.

 Smokey Bear and a ranger stand at a booth  Two people sell t-shirts with a picture and text that reads "Alabama Hills Day" on the front, and says "Got rocks?" on the back. 

(April 17, 2012)

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