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You're No Dummy! El Centro takes ATV safety on the road

a woman picks up the hand of an ATV safety mannequin, to show off its gloves

With the southern tip of the dunes in sight from Yuma, and with either Buttercup or Dunebuggy Flats only a short drive away, it's only natural that many of the residents of this southwestern Arizona city would recreate at the Imperial Sand Dunes. With that in mind, park rangers from the BLM El Centro Field Office participated in the city's Second Annual Child Safety Fair on Saturday, March 24. During the event at the Quartermaster Depot, hosted by the Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center and Kohl's Cares, BLM staffers had ATV safety in mind.

A "Right Rider" dummy -- fully dressed in kid-size riding gear designed to protect ATV riders from trail debris and unexpected spills -- was on display to help kids make their way through an ATV Safety Survivor game. Youngsters were quizzed on safety gear requirements, unscrambled words to find the right answer, and identified actions and behaviors that are not permitted at the dunes. Almost 300 kids (and their parents) participated in the safety game, walking away with Frisbees, activity cards and stickers. Successfully completing the ATV Safety Survivor game helped the kids earn points to enter a fair raffle, as well as take home a free bicycle helmet at the end of the event.

a woman in BLM uniform points out chracteristics of a safety uniform on a mannequin
Park Ranger Michelle Puckett points out ATV riding gear to a group of interested Yumans.

a woman in BLM uniform points out part of an information brochure to a young man visiting the BLM booth
Park Ranger Joya Szalwinski engages a young man in the ATV Safety Survivor game. The "Right Rider" dummy sits nearby, taking in the activities.

-Joya Szalwinski, interpretive park ranger, Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area/BLM El Centro Field Office (March 30, 2012)

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