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Grant writing workshop

A variety of BLM partners on California's Mendocino Coast learned the nuts and bolts of grant writing in a workshop coordinated by the BLM March 27-29 in Point Arena.

A total of 30 students learned from instructors Pat Pinney of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks; David Knight, a fundraising consultant; and Helene Aarons, a consultant.

a man speaks to a group seated at tables
Workshop participants listen to a presentation from instructor Pete Pinney, associate vice chancellor for rural, community and native education at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

The session including broad topics including project planning, partner relationship building, funding resources and grassroots resources. The students worked on building actual grant proposals by writing grant objectives, describing project needs, developing project budgets and writing grant proposals.

people at tables type away on their laptop computers
Working in teams, the workshop participants got busy developing grant proposals.
people seated around tables speak with each other

Workshop participants represented diverse agencies and organizations including the City of Point Arena, various conservation groups, local resource management agencies and non-profit organizations.

The BLM partners with agencies on the Mendocino Coast in gateway committees for the California Coastal National Monument and in management of the Stornetta Public Lands near Point Arena.

- Photos by Cindy Oster, volunteer, BLM Ukiah Field Office.

- Jeff Fontana, Public Affairs Officer, BLM Northern California District (April 4, 2012)

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