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BLM invites climbers to free morning coffees 

The BLM's Bishop Field Office invites climbers to join us for a hot beverage, once a month at 8:30am. Bring a mug (save a tree) and look for a BLM truck parked in the center of the Pleasant Valley Pit campground. Rangers will be available to answer questions you might have on the Bishop area. Dates for the coffee talks will be posted a week ahead of time in the PV Pit campground. Hope to see you there!  (text continues below)

several people gather with their coffee cups in sight of snow-capped peaks

The BLM is attempting to cultivate a working relationship with the local climbing community to promote responsible use of public lands and hopefully, attract some new volunteers. BLM is increasing efforts to educate climbers and campers on how to enjoy, but not abuse, the natural resources as the number of visitors grows.

One way of reaching out for the BLM is hosting the climber's coffees each month. With spring break upon us we will host four climber's coffees in March and two in April. So far, the coffees have been positive and well received, with the public wanting to help in any way possible. A volunteer list has started for future project work to be done at the Happy and Sads bouldering areas, and for cleanups on the Volcanic Tablelands.

The BLM Bishop Field Office appreciates the support of all campers and climbers who have supported PV Pit winter campground.

a group mingles and drinks coffee

-Becky Hutto, park ranger, BLM Bishop Field Office (Feb. 28, 2012)

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