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BLM Director Bob Abbey swears in new BLM California State Director Jim Kenna

BLM Director Bob Abbey was in California last week, in part to preside over a formal swearing-in ceremony for new State Director Jim Kenna. The ceremony took place in downtown Sacramento before a crowd over more than 50 state and local officials and partners. It was followed by a reception and all-employee meeting at the BLM California State Office.

During the ceremony, Kenna outlined his priorities as State Director. (text continues below)

BLM Director Bob Abbey administers the oath of office as BLM California State Director raises his right hand, and his wife stands by his side
BLM Director Bob Abbey administers the oath of office to new BLM California State Director Jim Kenna, as Kenna's wife Renee stands by his side.

"During my tenure, I hope to build on and emphasize the collaborative partnerships that knit together public lands and community life," Kenna said.
Kenna said he will focus his efforts around three central themes – sustainability, heritage and providing critical support to the community.

"This involves the agency in key services like transportation, recreation facilities, water supply and public safety," he said. A big part of that is the work the BLM is doing to address one of the most critical issues facing the country right now – how to adapt our energy generation and transmission system.

Kenna also stressed his respect and passion for public service.

"Public service is an honorable undertaking," he told the group. "In a time when public employees don't get many public compliments, I can assure you that many, many people carry a similar devotion to public service. They come to public service because they believe it is both honorable and important to the future. So let me express my respect for those who dedicate their life's work to the needs of fellow citizens - whether local, state, Tribal or federal - and who embrace a passion for service."

Kenna served as the BLM's Arizona State Director from January 2009 to September 2011. He previously served in numerous key agency positions, including Associate State Director in Oregon, Deputy Assistant Director for Resources and Planning in Washington, D.C., Budget Analyst for the Department of Interior in Washington, D.C., and Field Manager of the BLM's Palm Springs Field Office in California.

- Erin Curtis, BLM California Public Affairs (February 1, 2012)

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