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High Rock roundup wraps up

Wild horse roundup operations have been completed in the High Rock Complex, a group of five herd management areas overseen by the BLM-California’s Surprise Field Office on public lands in northwest Nevada.

a helicopter trails a group of horses as they kick up dust
In a scene typical of roundup operations, a helicopter maintains a safe distance from a group of horses, guiding the band toward a capture corral.

A total of 1,334 wild horses were captured in the effort to return the HMAs to their appropriate management levels, which are populations that the public rangelands can sustain while supporting other users including wildlife and domestic permitted livestock.

An aerial population survey will be conducted to determine the number of horses left in each HMA, and if needed, the BLM will return horses to each area to maintain the appropriate population.

In the meantime, horses are being prepared at the BLM Litchfield Corrals for adoption by the public.  After receiving vaccinations, de-worming treatments and freezemarks, the will be ready for adoption shortly after Jan. 1.  

close-up of two horses looking at the camera
Above and below: these horses from the Fox Hog Herd Management Area are now in the preparation process at Litchfield.
a group of horses mills about

For complete details and statistics on the roundup, adoption information and links to social media sites,  visit www.blm.gov/ca/highrock.

- Jeff Fontana, BLM Northern California Public Affairs, 11/16/11

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Last updated: 11-17-2011