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Jawbone visitors learn about OHV safety from BLM and other agencies

The BLM Ridgecrest Field Office and the Friends of Jawbone hosted the third annual OHV Safety Awareness Day recently at the Jawbone Station Visitors Center with a theme of “Safety in the Desert.”  More than 100 guests came to Jawbone Station to learn from the many agency representatives and take part in the day’s activities.  The event was supported by partnering agencies and organizations including Kern County Fire, Sheriff Department’s OHV Team, Air 5 Helicopter, and Desert Search and Rescue Team, Tim Dawson from Approach Engineering, United Rentals, Crystal Geyser and Benz Sanitation Inc. (text continues below)

Smokey Bear poses on a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle
Smokey Bear poses on all-terrain vehicle -- of course, he would not even think of riding off without a helmet and safety gear.

The event kicked off at 10:00 am Saturday October 29, 2011, with visitors touring safety booths sponsored by numerous agencies.  This provided the public with an opportunity to learn about the importance of “Safety in the Desert” and allowed them to ask questions of public safety officials supporting “Safety in the Desert.”  At 11:00 am, Smokey Bear made a special appearance for the guests. While lunch was served, participants were encouraged to embrace safety before engaging in risky activities such as operating off-highway vehicles.  Lunch was also provided to thank all of the public safety officials for providing services for public safety. (text continues below)

A young girl holds a toad while her friend wipes her hands
Young visitors meet a desert toad...
...and pose for a photo with Smokey Bear.
two young girls pose for a group portrait with Smokey Bear

The BLM handed out welcome brochures that contained information on the importance of OHV safety -- including information on being aware of potential hazards and killers on public lands.  Visual learners were provided with the latest Stay Out and Stay Alive mine safety DVD (Dilemma of the Desert).

Just after noon, the Kern County Sheriff's Department presented a live hoist helicopter rescue demonstration. Next, BLM’s outdoor recreation planner Eduardo Duque and biologist Carrie Woods, talked about the importance of OHV safety. Their message: “Our desire is to eliminate injuries and deaths that may occur throughout the years ahead. This is why it is so important to be safe and be aware, including awareness of the hazards and dangers of abandoned mine lands.”  At 1:30pm, Approach Engineering’s Dr. Tim Dawson conducted a demonstration of a remote super scale hoist.  The Friends of Jawbone gave prizes to participants with the best costumes.

The Jawbone Station’s Safety Awareness Day was a success and, it could not have been held on a nicer day.  This event helped to show how serious the BLM and its partner agencies are about safety on public lands.  The support of our local community agencies and companies made this event run smoothly.  We are hoping that next year’s event will reach even more people.

a boy watches a helicopter take off
A boy watches a helicopter demonstration from a distance.

A radio-controlled helicopter recorded video at the event.
a man holds a model helicopter

A trailer behind an ATV contained ice cream treats for public safety personnel and visitors.
a man opens an ice cream trailer behind an ATV

- Eddie Duque, outdoor recreation planner, BLM Ridgecrest Field Office, 11/15/11

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Last updated: 11-17-2011