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over-the-shoulder view of a man signing a document
Mendocino Land Trust Board of Trustees President Winston Bowen signs CCNM Collaborative Partner MOU.

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News.bytes Extra, issue 505

 California Coastal National Monument Adds Five New Collaborative Partners at Fort Bragg Signing Ceremony

Five organizations joined the California Coastal National Monument’s (CCNM) family of partners with the signing of individual CCNM Collaborative Partnership memoranda of understanding (MOUs) at a ceremony last week in Fort Bragg, California. The new CCNM partners are the Mendocino Land Trust, Mendocino Area Parks Association, Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center, Native Daughters of the Golden West Fort Bragg Parlor #210, and Visit Mendocino County, Inc.

Sponsored by the Mendocino Study Club, a CCNM Collaborative Partner, the ceremony was attended by more than 30 people including members from other existing CCNM partners. These CCNM partners included more than a half dozen Mendocino Coast Audubon Society members and a half dozen Mendocino Study Club members, plus representatives from the Recreational Fishing Alliance, Mendocino County Historical Society, and California State Parks (a CCNM Core-Managing Partner). With the addition of the five new CCNM Collaborative Partners, the CCNM now has 40 formal partners involved with “a unique partnership in protecting California coastal resources.”

Mendocino Study Club president Margaret Ward opened the meeting with an introduction to the CCNM, followed by Mendocino Study Club member Robin Wheat’s reading of a coastal poem and the Mendocino Study Club’s Ruth Sparks, the organizer of the ceremony, identifying the more than a dozen CCNM partners involved in the Fort Bragg-Mendocino area.  CCNM manager Rick Hanks introduced BLM Ukiah Field Office (UFO) manager Rich Burns and UFO volunteer Cindy Oster who is assisting Rich Burns on coastal and gateways initiatives. Hanks then introduced, one at a time, the five new CCNM Collaborative Partners and oversaw the signing of the individual MOUs.  The signers were Mendocino Land Trust Board of Trustees President Winston Bowen, Mendocino Area Parks Association Executive Director Carolyne Cathey, Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center Chief Executive Office Debra De Graw, Native Daughters of the Golden West Fort Bragg Parlor #210 President Kelly Richardson, and Visit Mendocino County, Inc.’s Director of Tourism Development Richard Strom.

The event was held at the Cliff House Restaurant overlooking the entrance to Fort Bragg’s Noyo Harbor and in view of at least a dozen of the CCNM’s more than 20,000 offshore rocks and small islands along the 1,100 miles of the California coast.  The Cliff House Restaurant provided hors d’oeuvres and punch and the Mendocino Study Club arranged for “sweet snacks,” including rock candy and rock cookies.

“With this level of local interest and involvement, the Fort Bragg area is now set to begin the development and implementation of a California Coastal National Monument Gateway initiative for the Fort Bragg-Mendocino region,’ said Hanks.  “The local partners can take the CCNM Gateway concept and run with it.”

six smiling people pose for a group photo
Five new CCNM Collaborative Partnership MOU signers stand with CCNM manager Rick Hanks.  From right to left – Richard Strom, Visit Mendocino County, Inc.; Debra De Graw, Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center; Rick Hanks, CCNM; Carolyn Cathey, Mendocino Area Parks Association; Kelly Richardson, Native Daughters of the Golden West-Fort Bragg Parlor #210; and Winston Bowen, Mendocino Land Trust.

Sign welcomes collaborative partners in the California Coastal National Monument
A welcome sign outside the Cliff House Restaurant in Fort Bragg.

People mill about a room
BLM Ukiah Field Office manager Rich Burns (center) and other attendees mingle before the signing ceremony begin.

a man and woman stand before a seated audience
Jim Martin, Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) west coast regional director, entertains the group with a brief anecdote regarding RFA’s becoming one of the CCNM’s early Collaborative Partners.

a man and woman address a seated audience
At the Cliff House Restaurant in Fort Bragg, CA, Ruth Sparks, signing ceremony coordinator and member of the Mendocino Study Club, turns the program over to CCNM manager Rick Hanks.

a woman signs at a table as a smiling man watches
Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center Chief Executive Office Debra De Graw signs MOU as CCNM manager Rick Hanks looks on.

- Rick Hanks, BLM California Coastal National Monument manager, 10/29/11

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Last updated: 11-09-2011