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News.bytes Extra, issue 498

Advisory group explores coastal management, alternative energy and more

Coastal management, alternative energy proposals and a variety of other public land topics highlighted the agenda when the BLM's Northwest California Resource Advisory Council held a field tour and meeting Sept. 7 and 8 in Arcata.

a woman points out features of the surrounding area to a group of people
Arcata Field Manager Lynda Roush summarizes improvements a the former Centerville Naval Station during a stop at the Lost Coast Headlands area near Ferndale. Council members got a close look at the difference a huge cleanup project has made. The photos below show the base before and after the cleanup.  The closed site will be managed for a variety of public uses to be guided by a management plan now being developed.
Photos show dilapidated buildings and then a cleared area

RAC members hike along the beach accessible by the new Fleener Creek Trail in the Lost Coast Headlands area.  Geology of the region was discussed at the field tour stop.
People walk along a foggy beach

Below, RAC members participate in  a fire planning exercise, part of the BLM Arcata Field Office's interpretive education program. Clockwise from left, Fire Management Officer Tim Jones explains the fire situation to RAC members, each of whom play a stakeholder role,  as RAC members Stan Leach, Lynn Ryan (guest), Bob Schneider, Michael Kelley and Julie Rogers participate.

The exercise was done to acquaint RAC members with an exercise designed to inform audiences about the varied and sometimes conflicting stakeholder viewpoints that the BLM must consider in carrying out its multiple use mission.

A collage of people in discussions around a conference table

- Jeff Fontana, public affairs officer, BLM Northern California District, 9/13/11

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