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News.bytes Extra, issue 494

Vandals Spoil the Fun

El Centro Field Office Maintenance workers spent 2 weeks preparing Lark Canyon Off-Highway Vehicle area and campground for the upcoming season.  This higher-elevation OHV area remains cooler than those found in the Imperial Valley, and is a favorite for summer riding.  Storm damage from recent rains, however, prompted a little TLC to repair erosion along the road and campground.  While clearing brush from campsites, workers discovered a picnic table covered in graffiti.

Damage to the picnic table will require a repeat trip to the area for repairs.  “This sort of vandalism costs hundreds of dollars,” notes Acting Chief of Maintenance Martin Gibson. “Crews will need to return and fix it. It’s unfortunate, really, when other campground projects could use some attention.” 

Visitors witnessing vandalism in progress are encouraged to call 911 and report it.  If possible -- and from a safe distance -- try to obtain vehicle and license plate information and descriptions of persons involved.  Never try to stop the offenders.  Visitors who discover vandalism after the fact should report it to the El Centro Field Office at 760-337-4400.

a worker cleans graffiti from a picnic table
Nathan Yearsley "grubs" a campsite while Barret Trost repairs erosion and storm damage to the road with a skid steer loader.  Photo: BLM/Martin Gibson

close-up of graffiti on picnic table
Graffiti damage to Lark Canyon Campground picnic table.  Photo: BLM/Martin Gibson

- Joya Szalwinski, interpretive park ranger, BLM El Centro Field Office, Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, 8/17/11

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Last updated: 08-18-2011