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BLM California News.bytes Extra

News.bytes Extra, issue 492

Keep it on the Sand!

 BLM’s El Centro Field Office maintenance workers are preparing the dunes for the upcoming season -- installing additional regulatory signs along Wash Road in the Imperial Sand Dunes.  The “No OHVs on Roadway” signs remind riders to keep their off-highway vehicles off established roads.  Travel along each of these roads is by street legal vehicle only.

California Vehicle Code 38025a prohibits OHVs on roadways, “except to cross at an angle of approximately 90 degrees in a quick and safe manner.”  This state law is not dunes specific, and applies to all roadways in California, including those adjoining the popular Superstition Mountain and Plaster City OHV open areas in the west desert.

“Keeping OHVs off the roadways is critical to keeping riders safe,” says Supervisory Law Enforcement Ranger Sal Nieblas. “Regular traffic is not expecting OHVs, and often cannot maneuver or stop quickly enough to avoid them.”

Did you know?  The only stretch of asphalt in the entire state of California where OHVs are permitted is the Gordon’s Well overpass along Interstate 8 in the south dunes.  This overpass connects the Dunebuggy Flats area to the Buttercup side south of the interstate, and allows riders access to both locations.

a worker attaches a sign to a post, stating "no OHVs on roadway except to cross"
Maintenance worker Barrett Trost installs “No OHVs on Roadway” signs along Wash Road in preparation for the upcoming season.

- Michelle Puckett, park ranger, BLM El Centro Field Office, 8/3/11

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Last updated: 08-10-2011