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Service First in action

The Bureau of Land Management El Centro Field Office and Lake Mead National Recreation Area have teamed up to provide protection and help ensure public safety.  BLM Rangers work alongside NPS Rangers throughout the year on busy holiday weekends. (text continues below)

rangers from several agencies pose for a photo

Service First is a partnership authority among four agencies: The Bureau of Land Management, the Forest Service, the National Park Service and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Service First is a way for the agencies to explore alternative methods of delivering one-stop customer service to the public, sharing people and resources, and harmonizing similar work.

“It is essential to be working together with our sister agencies to provide the best protection for our public and the resources.  We are very excited about this partnership.” said Margaret Goodro, El Centro Field Manager.

Rangers from the BLM El Centro Field Office provide support to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area during the busy summer months.  Lake Mead National Recreation Area is visited by millions of visitors each year and offers unique recreational opportunities including over 300 square miles of water and 1,000 plus miles of shoreline. 

Rangers from Lake Mead National Recreation Area also provide support to the El Centro Field office for National Events during the winter months.  The El Centro Field Office provides public safety for thousands of off-highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts as they take to the sand dunes of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.  Over 1.5 million visitors enjoy the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area each year.

“Service First just makes sense!  It really allows us to engage in healthy partnerships that meet multiple objectives without compromising the mission.” says Chief Ranger Mary Hinson, Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

- Michelle Puckett, SCEP-Park Ranger, BLM El Centro Field Office, 7/20/11

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Last updated: 07-21-2011