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News.bytes Extra, issue 481

The “3 Rs,” BLM-style

Traditionally, the 3 “Rs” represent Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic; however, BLM CA recently redefined the 3 Rs as caReers, oppoRtunities and Reaching Out at Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School in Elk Grove, California.

Edward Harris Jr. Middle School -- a NASA Explorer School -- hosted a Traveling Space Museum, the California Highway Patrol, Sacramento Police Department and the Bureau of Land Management as an outreach opportunity to pique students’ interest in careers in math, science and other fields. (text continues below)

a boy hugs a horse

Approximately 1,200 students were given the opportunity to hear Jason Williams give a presentation about the Wild Horse & Burro Program.  Also headlining the BLM presentation were Stinger the mustang, and Hannah the border collie.  BLM audio/visual specialist Jim Pickering and public affairs officer Dave Christy also spoke to students about their careers in External Affairs and the importance of linking the curriculum the students like today with jobs they’ll love tomorrow.

At the end of the day, the consensus among the students was that Jason, Stinger and Hannah rivaled the “Porta-potty from space” as the most interesting exhibit.  In fact, students started asking Jason for his autograph!

a group of students greets a white horse

- Joy Gipson-Taylor, BLM California Equal Employment Specialist, 5/19/11

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 481
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