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News.bytes Extra, issue 480

Rotary teams with BLM to complete public lands project

Community members teamed with employees from the Bureau of Land Management’s Bishop Field Office to complete a public lands project north of Bishop Saturday, April 30. (text continues below)

people watch as a man lays a brick on a flat base
Kyle Goin demonstrates brick setting as Ed Himelhoch observes. Also pictured left to right; John Helm, Susan Cullen, Tammy Goin and Dick Noles.

Clear skies, mild weather and a light breeze greeted members of the Sunrise Rotary Club as they set to work improving a BLM interpretive kiosk display. The kiosk, located at the intersection of Fish Slough and Chalk Bluff roads, contains maps and information on natural history and appropriate recreation use of the area.

 Volunteers laid pavers to improve the kiosk area, which had been prepared by Ila Vradenburg, biological science aide in the BLM Bishop office. Kyle Goin, Chalfant Public Land Stewards (CPLS), and BLM Park Ranger Becky Hutto supplied the knowledge, tools, and materials, while the Rotary club supplied the hands.

“It’s really great to see community members work so hard for their public lands; I’m hoping to build on this momentum to encourage others to become active in public land stewardship” said Goin. Goin, a masonry contractor by trade, is also the project director for the CPLS.

Also participating in the project were Dick Noles, Advocates for Access to Public Lands, and Andrew Schurr from Friends of the Inyo.

The foundation of the Chalfant Public Land Stewardship was laid in 2008 as residents discussed options for motorized and non-motorized recreation in the area.

In March 2009, the BLM Central California Resource Advisory Council met in Lone Pine and expressed its support for the BLM to build on the grass roots effort of local leaders to develop a community-based stewardship strategy to maintain the character of the Chalfant Valley,

For more information on CPLS, call Kyle Goin at (760) 873-6170.

a group poses for a photo in front of a sign
Pictured left to right: Andrew Schurr (FOI), John Helm, Tom Hardy, Susan Cellen, Beth Himelhoch, Ed Himelhoch, Phil Mc Dowell (Rotary), and Kyle & Tammy Goin (CPLS). Dan Brady (Rotary) also particpated.

- Rich Williams, outdoor recreation planner, BLM Bishop Field Office, May 2011

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 479
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Last updated: 05-13-2011