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News.bytes Extra, issue 479

BLM Partners Creating Fishing Opportunities in Sacramento River Bend

Within a year, new recreational fishing opportunities will be available on public lands in the Sacramento River Bend in Tehama County.  Staff from the BLM Redding Field Office and the California Department of Fish and Game last week planted sunfish and bass in Coyote Pond, a recently developed facility along the River north of Red Bluff.   Fishing will not be allowed for about a year to give the new fishery time to establish itself.

A truck backs across a meadow towards the edge of a pond.
A DFG hatchery truck backs across a verdant meadow toward the edge of coyote pond, 
where BLM and DFG staff members use nets to place bass in the water.

Employees use nets to place bass in the water.

 A hand holds a sunfish about the size of the palm.
Palm-sized sunfish are also introduced to the pond.

The fishery project at Coyote Pond is the latest in a series of projects  completed with a variety of partners and funding sources.  The pond is located on a parcel that was acquired for public ownership with funding from the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund.  A water supply piping system and an accessible fishing platform were developed with funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), while a water right was donated by the Driscoll Strawberry firm.  BLM volunteers and staff interns  planted native vegetation, students involved in the BLM's Take it Outside youth initiative built and installed fish habitat structures, and high school-age volunteers worked on a bentonite clay structure on part of the pond shoreline.

More than 17 miles of Sacramento River shoreline, hiking trails, equestrian routes meadows and wetlands are available for public recreation on BLM-managed lands in the Sacramento River Bend. More information is available on the Redding Field Office website:  http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/redding/recreationmain/reddingrecreationtehama.html.


- Jeff Fontana, Public Affairs Officer, BLM Northern California District  5/4/11 

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 479
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