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News.bytes Extra, issue 478

Wild Dune Walkabout

Girl Scout Troops 7097, 7098 and 7949 joined BLM El Centro Field Office staff on a discovery hike into the sand hills of the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness.  Located within the Imperial Sand Dunes, the Wilderness offers trekkers an opportunity to explore the dunes on foot and away from off-highway vehicle traffic. (text continues below)

three children in sun hats scramble up a sand dune
Climbing a small dune is hard, but fun!

Amid a blaze of yellow wildflowers, the scouts and their parents discovered evidence of the abundance of life in this wild environment.  Lizard and insect tracks led to burrows and washes … a creosote bush sheltered a large iguana … and a red-tailed hawk rode the thermals overhead.  Within this tiny web of life, these grade-schoolers learned how everything is connected … that bugs feed lizards … and lizards feed hawks.  Coyote and rabbit tracks along the wash offered yet another perspective and provided for some lively discussion.

“The animals are smarter than us, walking around when it’s cooler and not now,” remarked one scout.  Can’t argue with that logic.  Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Visit our website for more information on the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness.

children, including one holding a pink umbrella, follow a man out into the dunes
The group heads for the dunes under a sunny sky.

- Joya Szalwinski, interpretive park ranger, Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (BLM El Centro Field Office), 4/25/11

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 478
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