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News.bytes Extra, issue 474

Keeping the roads open!

Sand dunes like those in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area offer a unique off-highway recreation opportunity – and a steady supply blown across access roads. The BLM El Centro Field Office’s "Force Account" maintenance crew tackles the constant challenge of keeping these roads clear of sand and debris and open to the public.  Popular recreation areas -- like the Imperial Sand Dunes -- require the attention of these unsung workers who tirelessly scrape sand and maintain access. (text continues below)

Power equipment working among sand dunes
Constant maintenance along ISDRA's Wash Road keeps popular camping areas accessible.

Moving sand on the dunes’ Wash Road is a never-ending endeavor; the shoulders are regularly worked to keep the sand from encroaching the road.  “Without this constant maintenance, the road would disappear,” says Force Account Supervisor Steve Geyman.

El Centro Field Manager Margaret L. Goodro agrees. “This road provides access to popular camping areas that would be unreachable without all this work," she says. "It takes a constant effort to keep these areas accessible to the public, and our crew is doing a great job.”


power equipment moving sand
more power equipment moving sand


- Joya Szalwinski, interpretive park ranger, BLM El Centro Field Office, Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, 3/28/11

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 474
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Last updated: 04-08-2011