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News.bytes Extra, issue 474

Another popular mountain bike event comes to Keyesville 

Hot on the heels -- that is, pedals -- of last week’s Keyesville Classic Mountain Bike Race,  the Keyesville Special Management Area hosted another popular event.  For the first time, the SoCal High School Cycling League held a “Cruise the Keys at Keyesville” mountain bike race at the area, which is managed by the BLM Bakersfield Field Office. (text continues below)

a mountain biker speeds past a crouching photographer

The race -- a modified shortened (6 mile) version of the Keyesville Classic racecourse -- provided the rollercoaster-style single track that made for an exciting event among approximately 200 high school student participants from a number of schools in southern California.

With the students' families and supporters from the schools involved, the event topped the previous week’s attendance and filled the staging area.

Many of the attendees were thrilled to be in a new location (the group's first race ever in Kern County) and were pleased with the riding opportunities and the quality of the mountain bike trails throughout the Keyesville Special Management Area -- especially the challenge of the racecourse itself.

See more information on the Keyesville area.

- Peter De Witt, outdoor recreation planner, BLM Bakersfield Field Office, March 2011

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 474
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Last updated: 05-13-2011