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News.bytes Extra, issue 472

Mountain bikers come to SRSJM National Monument

The Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument hosted the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew last month, for meetings and working on trails.  The International Mountain Biking Association's Trail Care Crew of Chris and Leslie Kehmeier came well prepared to facilitate workshops. The workshop meetings were held in Palm Springs and Palm Desert to engage local trail supporters in advocacy discussions.  Some very important local issues were tabled to determine how best to revitalize user support groups. (text continues below)

Volunteers work on a trail in the Palm Springs area.
volunteers level a trail

But before the outdoor work, work indoors -- at a meeting to discuss mountain biking issues...
a man speaks to a group in a meeting room

...and a workshop and orientation.
woman explains a projected slide with information on trail maintenance

More instruction on-site
volunteers with shovels and other tools line up for pre-work instruction

The Mayor of Palm Springs sat in briefly at one of the workshops. His comments focused on supporting positive and productive projects. Other weekend workshop participants echoed IMBA’s encouragement to work with local agencies towards sustainable trail use.  IMBA combined informative and educational materials with fun and productive outings to create a successful atmosphere supporting the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountain National Monument’s 10th anniversary.  The meetings and trail work took place from Feb. 24-27, 2011.

Surveying a problem area along a trail
three men view a problem area along a trail

Practicing with a clinometer

Good job!
two young men high-five each other

Taking some time to enjoy the trails
mountain bikers make their way along a trail among rocks and desert brush 

More information and photos at the IMBA blog

- Steven D. Harris, outdoor recreation planner, Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument, 3/8/11

BLM-California News.bytes, issue 472 
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