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News.bytes Extra, issue 470

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and BLM Director Bob Abbey become "Duners for a Day"

Joined by partners including the American Sand Association, the United Desert Gateway, the American Sand Foundation, Imperial County, and somewhere around 85,000 others, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and BLM Director Bob Abbey enjoyed a thrilling ride at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA), learned about safety from young trainees, heard how the Dunes help Imperial County's bottom line, and shared a meal with four generations of enthusiasts. (text continues below)

riders in a sand rail vehicle prepare to take to the dunes

Catching a beautiful day in eastern Imperial County, the Secretary and Director were taken on a dunes ride in BLM sand rails escorted by BLM's ISDRA manager Neil Hamada and BLM rangers.  Following the ride -- which included the Secretary's first try at driving on a dune himself (he got a little struck) -- he and Director Abbey were invited to the Incident Command briefing by BLM El Centro Field Manager Margaret Goodro and her staff.

The tour, from that point on hosted by the American Sand Association, then took them to a safety training for youth, hosted most weekend days by the American Sand Foundation.   Next was a briefing by Imperial County officials and the United Desert Gateway on the importance of Dunes recreation to the local economy.  Finally, the Secretary and Director joined several families who have been enjoying duning at ISDRA for several generations, for lunch al fresco.

Interior Secretary poses with a young dunes rider
A young dunes rider gets his photo taken with Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.
BLM director Bob Abbey speaks to the group
BLM Director Bob Abbey speaks to the group

A highlight of the day for the tour's ISDRA BLM hosts was the Secretary leading them in the cheer of objectives that precedes each holiday weekend's IC brief for staff of BLM::

#1 -- Staff Safety!
#2 - Public Safety!
#3 -- Resource Protection!
#4  -- Engage and Educate the Public!

The Interior Secretary speaks to an assembled group

- Jan Bedrosian, BLM-California Deputy State Director for External Affairs, 2/24/11

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