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News.bytes Extra, issue 467

Floating bridge 'visits' Keswick

Visitors to the Bureau of Land Management's Interlakes Special Recreation Management Area near Redding were treated to an unusual sight on Tuesday, Feb. 1, as a National Guard Unit practiced deploying their new floating bridge system.  In the three-day exercise, members of the 132nd Multi Rolling Bridge Co. used the Keswick Boat Ramp for the exercise. (story continues below)

Three massive green military vehicles in a line
Guard vehicles lined up on the boatramp preparing to deploy their massive bridge system

Men direct a driver as he backs a large vehicle into the water to unload
A bridge component goes into the water of Keswick Reservoir

a flat green motorboat pushes a large floating section of pontoon bridge out in the water
The section is nudged out into the reservoir

The ribbon bridge and floating pontoon system is designed for fording rivers or ferrying equipment across water.  The 22-foot-long pontoon sections can be linked to form a floating bridge capable of supporting 100,000 pounds.

The Guard unit is based in Redding and has troops from communities across Northern California.

- Jeff Fontana, BLM Northern California District, 2/2/11

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Last updated: 02-03-2011