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News.bytes Extra, issue 463

BLM introduces Girl Scouts to horse, burro, tortoises

BLM staff brought a mustang, a burro and desert tortoises to take part in the B.I.G (Believe in Girls) Expo last month at the Palm Springs Convention Center.  The event, put on by the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council, took place from 10 am to 5 pm. on December 11. (text continues below)

A desert tortoise in close-up
 A 12 year old Tortoise enjoys the warm weather and the grass.

Stacey Peters from BLM’s Ridgecrest Regional Wild Horse & Burro Facility escorted Artie, BLM’s mustang Mascot and Mudslide, BLM’s burro mascot.  This was Stacey’s second year at B.I.G.

Carrie (Caroline) Woods, wildlife biologist  with BLM’s Ridgecrest Field Office, brought two tortoises that were available for adoption through the California Turtle and Tortoise Club .  Carrie gave talks about the tortoise, such as how long they live, how to tell the age of a tortoise, and the different types or turtles and tortoises. Carrie let the girls hold the tortoise. Even though tortoises in the wild should be underground this time of year, the two tortoises that came with Carrie were very active and enjoyed the attention. 

B.I.G. organizers estimated a crowd of 4,000 to 5,000 Girl Scouts with parents and leaders attended this year’s event. Girls came from as far away as the Big Bear area, Yucca Valley, Lancaster, and Fontana.

After the event, Stacey, Carrie and the BLM were invited to attend the next B.I.G. Expo, scheduled for December 10, 2011.

a mustang and burro in a portable corral
a tortoise in front of a large tortoise display board

- Stacy K. Peters, Ridgecrest Regional Wild Horse & Burro Facility  December 2010

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Last updated: 01-11-2011